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As an entrepreneur, you are often full of brilliant ideas and you are overflowing with enthusiasm to make your organization a success. Dat Merkje helps you to realize your business success in a brand-worthy way by giving brand advice, creating and executing of marketing & communication plans and offering support in text and design.

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Succes stories

Case Yeds

Brand advise

I helped Yeds twice with repositioning their company over a period of six years. By organising strategic sessions, the brand is back in shape once again. I also gave an inspirational workshop to the artists to take a fresh look at themselves as a brand.


“I have rarely worked with someone who thinks along so well and is such a


- Jördis Cordua, founder of Circunstruction


“We are very satisfied and enthusiastic about the collaboration. Lotte was very precise in her work, showed a lot of dedication, and responded to specific wishes. Lotte also has a creative spirit, which means she thinks innovatively and provides fresh ideas.”

- Anja Reinhardt, founder of Vloeistof

Case TNR

Brand advise
Marketing & communication
Text & design

I have been helping Theatre Network Rotterdam with rewriting their grant application, which included strengthening the whole business strategy. I also wrote and partly executed the marketing and communication plan. Although TNR did not receive the grant, we all look back at a great collaboration. We did everything to make the very best grant application we could within the set timeframe. That's why this is still one of Dat Merkje's success stories.

Success stories.

Whether it's a store, dance or theatre company, impresario, web development agency, cinema or world improver, Dat Merkje's clients are always outspoken, creative, and dedicated! Together we made a lot of beautiful things happening and afterwards I would ask my clients to summarize how they experienced working with me.

Buro Bannink

“We are no longer busy with trying to make others happy, but with what we believe in and that’s so pleasant!”

- Karin Bannink, founder of Buro Bannink

Case Women Connected

Marketing & communication
Text & design

Dat Merkje helped Women Connected for over a year in the field of PR, marketing, communication, and production. I visited groups of women to tell them more about the performances, made newsletters and effective promotional materials such as blog posts, billboards & program booklets ánd arranged everything behind the scenes of the production. The theatre show with a capacity of 1000 women, was sold out.



“Lotte worked for me as a brand strategist on a large project for the Queensland Governement at the beginning of 2015. Lotte is an exceptional individual; she is incredibly hard working and conscientious and every new task or challenge was greeted with a big smile and a wonderful! can do  attitude. The strategy work that Lotte produced was at a standard that I believe was as good, if not better than some of the more experienced strategists we have used in Brisbane.”

- Ben Maunder, founder of Driven


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Dat  Merkje

/  I am not opperating from Rotterdam anymore, due to residency in Australia. 

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